All The Colours In Between

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“An emotive and beautifully written story of family life.”
– By The Letter Book Reviews

It’s not a life, it’s an adventure!

Lizzie is fast approaching 50. Her once angst-ridden teenage daughters, now grown and in their twenties, have flown the nest, Cassie to London and Maisy to Australia. And, although Connor, Lizzie’s sulky, surly teenage son, is now on his own tormented passage to adulthood, his quest to get there, for the most part, is a far quieter journey than that of his sisters.

The hard years, Lizzie believes, are behind her. Only, things are never quite as black and white as they seem…

A visit to her daughter in London leaves Lizzie troubled. And that is just the start. Add to that an unexpected visitor, a disturbing phone call, a son acting suspiciously, a run in with her ex-husband plus a new man in her life who quite simply takes her breath away; Lizzie quickly realises life is something that happens while plans are being made.

Gritty but tender, thought-provoking but light-hearted, dark but brilliantly funny, this is a story of contemporary family life in all its 21st-century glory. A story of mothers and sons, of fathers and daughters, of brothers and sisters, and friends. A tale of love and loss, of friendships and betrayals, and coming of age.

Nobody said it would be easy and as Lizzie knows only too well, life is never straightforward when you see all the colours in between.

Published: May 2021
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
ISBN: 9781913942786 (paperback)
ASIN: B095KBVMD4 (e-book)

Readers’ Recommendations

“Love, friendships and laughter, heartbreak, loss and tears, simply life in its full glory, the good and the bad, All The Colours In Between gives us it all and then some more. Eva Jordan’s writing is pure magic, engaging and heartfelt.” – A Bookaholic Swede

All The Colours In Between explores the theme of families in a highly captivating read, full of laughter, tears, and bittersweet moments. A fabulous and surprising read that I would highly recommend.” – The Book Review Café

All The Colours In Between is a rich and lustrous tapestry woven with love by its author, with her protagonist delicately poised for the next stage of her life or should I say….adventure!!” – My Chestnut Reading Tree

“I had tears rolling down my face when reading from certain sections. The emotional impact of this book was huge for me. An emotional rollercoaster.
Eva Jordan has captured the stark reality of life and laid it out bare for us all to read. Told with humour and honesty, there were times I felt like I was reading a private diary.” – Swirl and Thread

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