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OUT NOW: A Gift Called Hope


“I very much enjoyed this. A compelling read with layered characters you can understand and root for. I loved the little vegetarian food van and the coffee lovers. I could really imagine it. There were also some insightful comments about addiction and grief, which hit home but never felt laboured. 5 stars!” – crime & thriller author Ross Greenwood


“This story has grief, hurt, misunderstanding, denial, love, and second chances wrapped up in a beautifully written book that had me reaching for the tissues one minute and smiling the next.

“There are books that stay with readers long after they have finished and for me, this will be one of those; one I will be going back to read again regularly.”  – Miriam, on GoodReads

A Gift Called Hope - framed image

“What a brilliant book, and beautifully written as Christmas is not always a happy time for everyone. The way Eva wrote about the sensitive matters of death, the different stages of grief, and the marriage breakup was beautiful.

“A truly brilliant book I couldn’t recommend it more, five stars is not enough. – Helen, on GoodReads


A Gift Called Hope is a heartfelt novel of a Christmas shadowed by loss and regret—and brightened by hope for renewal—from the author of Time Will Tell.

Six-year-old Jack is counting the days to Christmas. But his grandmother is just counting the days until it’s over. For Jill, the holiday comes with painful memories, and she wants only to escape the recent past and its tragedies.


Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell - 3D book cover composite (2)

“I have been on so many highs and lows with this family and this novel was no different. We get to know a lot more about Lizzie’s dad which I loved. I so adored his character in the previous novel and really enjoyed seeing what life was like when he first meets his wife-to-be and what life was like for them all when Lizzie was just a child herself. It really made for an enthralling read!

“Eva Jordan’s writing is just mesmerising. Her books are not to be rushed but rather savoured. There is so much depth and meaning in her novels and it’s hard not to get emotionally attached to what is happening to the characters. She has a knack for getting the readers’ emotions to build up, so much so that I thought I was going to burst by the end and have to admit to shedding a few tears. You will have to read the novel yourself though to find out whether they are tears of happiness, sadness, or maybe even both.

“Time Will Tell is such a beautifully written novel; it captivated me. Whilst there is a bit of a ‘who-dunnit’ going on, this was very much a story about family and bonds. Eva Jordan is an author, who for me, just gets it so right. I really can’t praise her writing highly enough. Would certainly give this book more than five stars if I could.” – Sarah, By the Letter Book Reviews, on GoodReads


“Having previously read 183 Times a Year and All the Colours in Between, it was a pleasure to be reacquainted with all of the characters and get engrossed and absorbed within their yet lives again, in this latest book Time Will Tell. The story with its well-written characters draws you in and gets you engrossed right from the first pages and keeps you ensnared within its grip right to the last words of the very last page.

“There were certainly a fair few laugh-out-loud moments, certain things that the characters do or some of the words that they come out with, sure did make me giggle in places. There was so much going on, it was like oh my god, what’s going to happen next or how is that situation/event going to resolve itself or play out. A book that was impossible to put down.

“Seriously, if you haven’t read this book yet then I highly recommend that you do, although a little tip: make sure you read books 1 and 2 of the trilogy first.” – Nessa, on GoodReads


Writer, Lizzie Lemalf, and her loving but somewhat dysfunctional family are still grieving over the loss of a much-loved family member. Lizzie is doing her best to keep her family together but why does the recent death of a well-known celebrity have them all in a spin? The police suspect foul play; Lizzie and other family members suspect one another. Lizzie begins searching for answers only to find herself being dragged back to the past, to 1960s London to be exact, and to the former life of her father, which up until now she has never been privy to. Every family has its secrets but how can the past hold the key to a present-day celebrity death? They say the past comes back to haunt you. Surely the truth will out? Maybe, but only time will tell… 


All The Colours In BetweenAll The Colours BH Book Cover-2

“…a beautifully written story of family life. One of the most powerful books I’ve read this year” –By The Letter Book Reviews.

“If you like Marian Keyes, Jane Green (with a little Liane Moriarty thrown in) I think that you will thoroughly enjoy this book. It will give you all the feels. I really wanted to see how these characters got through the book and couldn’t put it down.” –Married Book Nerds

“…emotive, multi-layered and a story that even the most hard-hearted reader will find a highly emotional read.” –The Book Review Café

“All the Colours in Between is a powerful, emotional, and fast-paced story about modern life in a blended family. It was a pure joy to read and I can’t wait for the next instalment in this family saga.” –Brew and Books Review

“Absolutely WOW, double wow, what a truly amazing, emotional and heartfelt read. The story was so brilliantly written.” –Nessa on Goodreads

“I LOVED IT! There is no sugar-coating life here – relationships fail, family life is hard work to maintain, good things happen and shit happens. Eva Jordan gives us it all in a way that had me laughing out loud one minute – particularly with Salocin, the grandfather – and then crying the next. Five golden stars from me. –ClaireMS’s Reviews on Goodreads

All the Colours in Between - 3D book cover


Lizzie is fast approaching 50. Her once angst-ridden teenage daughters, now grown and in their twenties, have flown the nest, Cassie to London and Maisy to Australia. And, although Connor, Lizzie’s sulky, surly teenage son, is now on his own tormented passage to adulthood, his quest to get there, for the most part, is a far quieter journey than that of his sisters. The hard years, Lizzie believes, are behind her.

Only, things are never quite as black and white as they seem……


183 Times A Year

BookBrushImage3D-3dbook.png“A candid account of family life that we can all relate to . . . An absolutely astonishing, thought-provoking, hilarious, and life-affirming debut novel.” – The Book Magnet

“I enjoyed this book. It really grasped the nature of mother/daughter relationships very well, in a way that was funny but also at times, touching and poignant.” – Jill’s Book Cafe


Mothers and daughters alike will never look at each other in quite the same way after reading this book—a brilliantly funny observation of contemporary family life.

Lizzie,—the exasperated Mother of Cassie, Connor, and stepdaughter Maisy,—is the frustrated voice of reason to her daughters’ teenage angst. She gets by with good friends, cheap wine, and talking to herself—out loud.

Sixteen-year-old Cassie—the Facebook-Tweeting, Selfie-Taking, Music and Mobile Phone obsessed teen—hates everything about her life. She longs for the perfect world of Chelsea Divine and her ‘undivorced’ parents—and Joe, of course.183 Times A Year - 3D book cover composite (2)

However, the discovery of a terrible betrayal and a brutal attack throws the whole household into disarray. Lizzie and Cassie are forced to reassess the important things in life as they embark upon separate journeys of self-discovery—accepting some less-than-flattering home truths along the way.

Although tragic at times this is a delightfully funny exploration of domestic love, hate, strength and ultimately friendship. A poignant, heartfelt look at that complex and diverse relationship between a Mother and daughter set amongst the thorny realities of today’s divided and extended families.

It is the women in my life, including my mother, daughters and good friends that inspired me to write my debut novel 183 TIMES A YEAR. A modern-day exploration of domestic love, hate, strength and friendship set amongst the thorny realities of today’s divided and extended families and you can watch the book trailer here.

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