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“I don’t think I can write a review that does this book justice as it didn’t just blow me away, it completely broke me. I cried BUCKETS! Although I prefer reading physical books, this is one occasion where I was grateful to be reading a kindle copy as I couldn’t stop my tears from dropping onto the digital pages.

“It’s a book filled with emotion as main character Jill struggles to cope with her grief following tragic events on a Christmas day she will never forget. You find out quite early on about Jill’s loss and even though I was expecting it, the flashbacks that reveal what happened completely broke me. I will never forget Jill taking that telephone call—I’ve got a lump in my throat just thinking about it now.

“Whilst there is a lot of sadness in this book, there is also fun and laughter as Jill makes a new life for herself and her grandson in a small seaside town. Jill’s Irish neighbour Mary cracked me up on many an occasion as Eva Jordan perfectly balances the darkness of grief with the lightness of laughter.

“Jill’s grief is portrayed in such a way that it’s almost a character in itself as she experiences guilt, anger and blame but ultimately acceptance and hope (as the book title suggests). I felt all of the emotions with her as I was completely invested in her story. I left a piece of my heart in this fabulous book, which ensures I will return for a reread in the near future.

“A Gift Called Hope isn’t just a rollercoaster of emotions, it’s a whole fairground. I cried tears of sadness and laughed until I cried but overall I felt the uplifting emotion of hope, the gift that Eva Jordan is giving all her readers this year. Simply wonderful and completely unmissable – worthy of five stars and more.” – Michelle Ryles, Amazon five-star review

“An emotional roller-coaster . . . beautifully written.” —The Last Word Book Review

“There’s a perfect balance of light and shade, and a glimmer of hope that shines ever more brightly as the story unfolds. There’s a lot of love in this book, a real emphasis on the importance of family, the moments of joy amid the darkness – I found the story really difficult to leave behind, the individuals very much still in my heart. It’s an extraordinary piece of writing, and a book I’d highly recommend to all – I loved it.” – Anne, of, on GoodReads

“A Gift Called Hope is a story with a lot of heart. It tackles some difficult subjects like addiction and grief which the author writes about sensitively and well. At times it does make for a sombre read yet in the main I found it wonderfully endearing and uplifting. Having read a few books by the author now, she really is the queen when it comes to writing about family dynamics. She does it superbly with readers taking the characters to heart and thinking about them long after they’ve turned the last page. A beautifully written novel with real meaning behind it.” – Sarah of BytheLetterBookReviews on GoodReads

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“An enthralling read!
Eva Jordan’s writing is just mesmerising. Time Will Tell is a beautifully written novel that totally captivated me. Whilst there is a bit of a ‘whodunnit’ going on, this was very much a story about family and bonds. Eva Jordan is an author, who for me, just gets it so right. I really can’t praise her writing highly enough. Would certainly give this book more than five stars if I could.” – By the Letter Book Reviews

“What a delicate and beautifully written book! You have to take your time to savour the depth and wisdom in it. The connection between everything and everyone in time is magically written .

Time will Tell is a poignant, touching story about families struggling in modern times and in the past. The realistic characters have immediately stolen my heart. I truly loved this emotional, heartbreaking and endearing story. In a sensitive and touchy style, she immediately gets me hooked to this family. – In de Boekenkast 


Time Will Tell masterfully takes the reader on a journey between time. Beautifully and cleverly written, you seamlessly read between the different generations of one family as it explores difficulties that affect some of us, in a sensitive and thought-provoking way.” – Natasha Shiels, Publisher of The Fens

“I really loved the flashbacks to the 60s, to find out the back story to Lizzy’s parents, and how that shaped the family that we see now. I had always loved the character of Lizzy’s dad and so I found it extremely interesting to go back and read his story.
I think it worked brilliantly mixing the old and the new stories together, it gave it even more suspense by doing this.

And as always you are completely sucked into the story as you feel like you know all the family so well and you care about what they are going through. It is most definitely worth every one of the five stars that I have awarded it, a truly fabulous book from one of my favourite writers. ” – Susanne Baker

“There are several storylines that are told and what I found about them was the realism that they gave. At times they are shocking , at others there is sadness and other times there is pain and hurt. But throughout all of this there is a sense of togetherness and love, This is a family that is loyal to it’s core and this is extended to those that they take under their wings.

By the end of this story I felt a huge swell of emotion, and those last few chapters…well there is a saying by a wonderful character “life is an adventure” … and boy he wasn’t wrong!

This is a captivating read that has it’s fair share of shocks, but shows that the bond of loyalty, love and trust is unbreakable. It is a captivating , beautiful and wonderful read that I would Highly Recommend.” – Me and My Books

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“Eva Jordan cleverly wrote from various points of view, ages, genders and had a brilliant family lifeline running through the story, which I do not want to give away.
All The Colours In Between is full of joy, sadness, fractious relationships and shows a modern family in a very different light. With such amazing characters, heartfelt issues for them, and portrayed so lifelike. I could feel that I was there with them. ” – J.J. Bookworm

“Jordan’s writing is so fluent, so funny, so candid, so open, so honest and so realistic that it is impossible not to engage with the characters and form a strong emotional attachment with them.” – Bibliomaniac
atcib-cup-quote“A brilliantly written tale of family life
Of life and love, of strengths and weaknesses, tragedy and justice, heartbreaks and triumphs. Eva has done it again and written a book that not only I can’t put down but makes me smile and sympathise with the characters and the antics they get up to. A brilliantly written tale of family life with its ups and downs, smiles and tears.  An uplifting read.” – MisfitsFarms

“Eva Jordan has written a brilliant exploration of what it can be like to be a modern, blended, extended family. She writes with great insight, compassion and humour. ” – Portobello Book Blog

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Think Lizzie stole my life
It is a sign of a truly good book when you openly sob in public on the bus and do not care.

This is a modern and totally honest story of a mother and daughter relationship, so honest in fact I think Lizzie could be me – even down to where she works. There is not one chapter that did not make me laugh or cry, I was completely absorbed in it.

Shocked to discover this is a debut novel, so well done Eva Jordan for distracting me from my usual psych thrillers.” – Battyaboutbooks

Beautiful, funny and poignant
I always say that a good book is one which makes you laugh and cry. This book did just that. I was expecting a fluffy tale about the fragile bond between mother and teenage daughter but I was pleasantly surprised to read a story with real depth.
I absolutely adore Lizzie, her views resonate with my own. I think she’d be a lovely friend to have! 5 stars from me. – Aisha Hussain


183 Times A Year is a wonderful debut novel. It is a believable and relatable book about the fraught relationship between a mother and her teenage kids. I love how the story is told from a parent/adult and a teenage aspect. The dialogue flits between the two main characters, and the impact is remarkably funny. It definitely connects with a ‘typical’ family and the ups and downs of everyday life. I was deeply surprised by an unexpected heart-wrenching twist to the story that proves, that no matter what conflict exists between parents and teens, they really do love and care for each other. I certainly recommend 183 Times A Year.” – Alison Waterfield

“Its funny, its enlightening, its OMG mouth dropping and as a parent having gone through a girls teenage years myself then going through it with my daughter who is in their 30’s now… I read this with a lot of ‘tongue in cheek’ moments. It is very well written. I really enjoyed it – it was also very moving at times.” – Read Along With Sue

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