“An enthralling read!
Eva Jordan’s writing is just mesmerising. Time Will Tell is a beautifully written novel that totally captivated me. Whilst there is a bit of a ‘whodunnit’ going on, this was very much a story about family and bonds. Eva Jordan is an author, who for me, just gets it so right. I really can’t praise her writing highly enough. Would certainly give this book more than five stars if I could.” – By the Letter Book Reviews

“Time Will Tell masterfully takes the reader on a journey between time. Beautifully and cleverly written, you seamlessly read between the different generations of one family as it explores difficulties that affect some of us, in a sensitive and thought-provoking way.” – Natasha Shiels, Publisher of The Fens

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“Eva Jordan cleverly wrote from various points of view, ages, genders and had a brilliant family lifeline running through the story, which I do not want to give away.
All The Colours In Between is full of joy, sadness, fractious relationships and shows a modern family in a very different light. With such amazing characters, heartfelt issues for them, and portrayed so lifelike. I could feel that I was there with them. ” – J.J. Bookworm“A brilliantly written tale of family life
Of life and love, of strengths and weaknesses, tragedy and justice, heartbreaks and triumphs. Eva has done it again and written a book that not only I can’t put down but makes me smile and sympathise with the characters and the antics they get up to. A brilliantly written tale of family life with its ups and downs, smiles and tears.  An uplifting read.” – MisfitsFarms

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183 Times A Year

“Think Lizzie stole my life
It is a sign of a truly good book when you openly sob in public on the bus and do not care.

This is a modern and totally honest story of a mother and daughter relationship, so honest in fact I think Lizzie could be me – even down to where she works. There is not one chapter that did not make me laugh or cry, I was completely absorbed in it.

Shocked to discover this is a debut novel, so well done Eva Jordan for distracting me from my usual psych thrillers.” – Battyaboutbooks

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“183 Times A Year is a wonderful debut novel. It is a believable and relatable book about the fraught relationship between a mother and her teenage kids. I love how the story is told from a parent/adult and a teenage aspect. The dialogue flits between the two main characters, and the impact is remarkably funny. It definitely connects with a ‘typical’ family and the ups and downs of everyday life. I was deeply surprised by an unexpected heart-wrenching twist to the story that proves, that no matter what conflict exists between parents and teens, they really do love and care for each other. I certainly recommend 183 Times A Year.” – Alison Waterfield

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