#An Interview With Eva Jordan on estherchiltonblog

This week, I’d like to welcome Eva Jordan as my interviewee. I met Eva at the Deepings Literary Festival at their wonderful Read Dating event. Eva was a joy to talk to and I found the concept for her books very interesting. Here, she shares her writing passions, her inspirations, and there’s a taster of what’s to come in her latest book. Read here


#GuestPost ‘A Note From The Author’ on Kiltie Jackson

Time Will Tell is also the third and final chapter in the trilogy concerning Lizzie Lemalf and her somewhat dysfunctional but lovable family. I’ll let you into a secret, though; I never set out to write a trilogy…

Published May 2019. Click here to read the full post.


#GuestPost ’10 Things You Didn’t Know About Eva Jordan’ on The Hapazardous Hippo

The Hapazardous Hippo hands her blog over to me where I get the chance to tell you 10 things you maybe didn’t know about me, including the fact that The notorious Kray twins are mentioned in Time Will TellMy grandfather would tell me stories about Ronnie and Reggie and how he often frequented The Blind Beggar, infamous watering hole of the Krays. However, my grandfather’s acquaintance with the twins was from a distance so thankfully, he was never involved in any altercations with them.

Published April 2019. Click here to read the full post.


#AuthorInterview ‘The Magpie and Stump, Now You
See Me, Now You Don’t!’ on Liza Perret’s blog

Today is the day my novel Time Will Tell is published! To celebrate, Liza Perret invited me over on her blog to talk about the (in)famous pub The Magpie and Stump, opposite from the Old Bailey, once Newgate Prison. From the pub’s upstairs rooms you supposedly had an excellent view of the hangings opposite. I love these wonderful snippets of history and decided to weave it into my novel.

Quote from Time Will Tell relating to this pub:
It was some passers-by that had found her, close to a pub called the Magpie and Stump, a good couple of miles from the yard… Mickey said people used to watch the public hangings of prisoners outside Newgate Prison from that pub. Salocin would love to watch a certain someone swing from the hangman’s rope over a pint. And there’d be no fucking last pint, as was tradition, for that condemned bastard.”

Published Valentine’s Day 2019. Click here to read the full post.


#AuthorSpotlight & #Giveaway on LoveBooksGroup

To celebrate the publication of All The Colours In Between, the lovely Kelly of Love Books Group invited me over for a QA – and I’ve got something to give away too!
You’ve got a chance to win a signed copy of All The Colours In Between
Among the questions was what I would tell my sixteen-year-old self and here’s my answer (even though I know she’d never have listened!).

Interview Quote
“I would definitely tell my sixteen-year-old self to be more confident, to worry less about life and fitting in with others, and believe in myself a little more – I turned out to be far more capable than I gave myself credit for. I would also encourage my younger self to travel more.”

Published December 2017. Click here to read the full post.

#GuestPost Linda's Book Bag

#GuestPost ‘Why We Need Older Protagonists’ on Linda’s Book Bag

To celebrate the release of my second novel, All The Colours In Between, I have written a guest post for the lovely Linda of Linda’s Book Bag.

Guest Post Quote
There is a lot to be said for writing about ‘older’ characters, including a lot more scope for a back-story. As a writer, you get to ask how your characters personalities were shaped?

Published Oct 2017. Read the full Guest Post (inclusive my recommendations!) here.

#GuestPost – Equal Rights, The Warrior Queen And The Romans on Rachel’s Random Reads

During the blog tour for my second novel, All The Colours In Between, Rachel invited me over on her blog, Rachel’s Random Reads, to talk about inspiring women in history.

Guest Post Quote
Boadicea reminds us that once upon a time, before the Roman invasion of Britain, women were part of a social structure that encouraged equal rights, which she fought bravely to try and hold on to and is why I find her so compelling.

Published Oct 2017. Read here the full guest post.


#Interview on One Stop Fiction

Kathryn Bax of One Stop Fiction has invited me over on her fab blog to talk about my inspiration to write, my debut novel, 183 Times a Year, and the writing progress on my second novel, coming October 2017, All The Colours In Between.

Interview Quote
I care a lot about this crazy planet we inhabit and am still as mystified, shocked and saddened by the way we treat each other and our environment, as I was when I was younger. My mum used to say to me “you can’t bleed for the world” – and she was right of course – I can’t. But, as a writer, I can point things out, make people think. So that’s who the real Eva Jordan is – a writer. As well as a mother, daughter, sister and friend.”

Published Dec 2016. Read the full interview here.


#Interview on Kendra Olson’s Blog

Fellow author Kendra Olson invited me over on her blog in celebration of the release of 183 Times A Year. One of her questions was:
‘What would you like readers to come away with, after reading your book?’

Interview Quote
“To remember that we’re all human, all flawed and that we all make mistakes. Remember to love family and those that love and support us – it’s easy to take people for granted. If your Mum drives you crazy, remember she’s just doing her best, being a parent is one of the most difficult but rewarding jobs in the world and one that comes without an instruction manual.”

Published May 2016. For the full interview, click here.


#Interview on Female First

I’m over on Female First today talking about ’10 Things I Want My Readers To Know About Me.’

Did you know that I love Hawaii? Or that I sang in my brother’s band? That and more in this interview!

Published May 2016. Click here for the full interview.


#Interview on A Lover of Books

Do you want to know who I’d picture for the role of granddad in the film 183 Times a Year? That and more in my interview over on Sonya’s brilliant blog, ‘A Lover of Books.’

Published March 2016. Click here for the full interview.


#Interview on The Book Magnet

“One of my favourite books of 2015 is the wonderful 183 Times a Year by Eva Jordan.  It’s a book that really made me think about how I act and react with those I love and, to my absolute shame I have to admit, if the book was about me it would be called 360 Times a Year.” Says the lovely Michelle of The Book Magnet in her introduction to our QA.

Published Dec 2015. Click here for the full interview.


#GuestPost The Importance of Strong Female Friendships on Linda’s Book Bag

My debut novel 183 Times A Year is a poignant, heartfelt look at the complex and diverse relationship between a mother and daughter set amongst the thorny realities of today’s modern family. Strong female friendships – and the strongest of all, the mother-daughter relationship – is one of the themes I explore in my novels.

Guest Post Quote
Strong, female friendships are, I believe, important for women. Good friends, along with family and loved ones often support us through the bad times and laugh with us during the good times.

Published Nov 2015. Click here for the full post.


#Interview on Retreat West

I’m over on the lovely Amanda Saint’s Retreat West blog today talking about the mother-daughter relationship. Pop over – take a look and find out what teenage daughters are doing 183 Times A Year...

Published Sept 2015. Click here to read the full post.