#AuthorSpotLight #GiveAway LoveBooksGroup

#AuthorSpotlight & #Giveaway on LoveBooksGroup

To celebrate the publication of All The Colours In Between, the lovely Kelly of Love Books Group invited me over for a QA – and I’ve got something to give away too!
You’ve got a chance to win a signed copy of All The Colours In Between
Among the questions was what I would tell my sixteen-year-old self and here’s my answer (even though I know she’d never have listened!).

Interview Quote
“I would definitely tell my sixteen-year-old self to be more confident, to worry less about life and fitting in with others, and believe in myself a little more – I turned out to be far more capable than I gave myself credit for. I would also encourage my younger self to travel more.”

Published December 2017. Click here to read the full post.

#GuestPost Linda's Book Bag

#GuestPost ‘Why We Need Older Protagonists’ on Linda’s Book Bag

To celebrate the release of my second novel, All The Colours In Between, I have written a guest post for the lovely Linda of Linda’s Book Bag.

Guest Post Quote
There is a lot to be said for writing about ‘older’ characters, including a lot more scope for a back-story. As a writer, you get to ask how your characters personalities were shaped?

Published Oct 2017. Read the full Guest Post (inclusive my recommendations!) here.

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#Interview on Kendra Olson’s Blog

Fellow author Kendra Olson invited me over on her blog in celebration of the release of ‘183 Times A Year.‘ One of her questions was:
‘What would you like readers to come away with, after reading your book?’

Interview Quote
“To remember that we’re all human, all flawed and that we all make mistakes. Remember to love family and those that love and support us – it’s easy to take people for granted. If your Mum drives you crazy, remember she’s just doing her best, being a parent is one of the most difficult but rewarding jobs in the world and one that comes without an instruction manual.”

Published May 2016. For the full interview, click here.

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#Interview on Female First

I’m over on Female First today talking about ’10 Things I Want My Readers To Know About Me.’

Did you know that I love Hawaii? Or that I sang in my brother’s band? That and more in this interview!

Published May 2016. Click here for the full interview.

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#Interview on A Lover of Books

Do you want to know who I’d picture for the role of granddad in the film ‘183 Times a Year’? That and more in my interview over on Sonya’s brilliant blog ‘A Lover of Books.’

Published March 2016. Click here for the full interview.

#Interview The Book Magnet

#Interview on The Book Magnet

“One of my favourite books of 2015 is the wonderful 183 Times a Year by Eva Jordan.  It’s a book that really made me think about how I act and react with those I love and, to my absolute shame I have to admit, if the book was about me it would be called 360 Times a Year.” Says the lovely Michelle of The Book Magnet in her introduction to our QA.

Published Dec 2015. Click here for the full interview.

#GuestPost 183 Times A Year LInda's Book Bag

#GuestPost The Importance of Strong Female Friendships on Linda’s Book Bag

My debut novel 183 Times A Year is a poignant, heartfelt look at the complex and diverse relationship between a mother and daughter set amongst the thorny realities of today’s modern family. Strong female friendships – and the strongest of all, the mother-daughter relationship – is one of the themes I explore in my novels.

Guest Post Quote
Strong, female friendships are, I believe, important for women. Good friends, along with family and loved ones often support us through the bad times and laugh with us during the good times.

Published Nov 2015. Click here for the full post.

#Interview Retreat West

#Interview on Retreat West

I’m over on the lovely Amanda Saint’s Retreat West blog today talking about the mother-daughter relationship. Pop over – take a look and find out what teenage daughters are doing 183 Times A Year...

Published Sept 2015. Click here to read the full post.