Another great review of 183 Times A Year

Thank you to Mrs Walshie and her lovely recent review for 183 Times A Year.

IMG_1048 (1)

This is about a family that I think a lot of people would recognise as similar to their own. What do I mean? Well, it’s about a Mum to Cassie and Connor and Step-Mum to Maisy, a Dad to Maisy and Step-Dad to Cassie and Connor, two teenage daughters and a son.

The daughters are dealing with raging hormones and your typical teenage worries and dramas.

The Mum is dealing with job security being in question, keeping her relationship spark alive with hubby, two teenage daughters that love to hate her, a son that she doesn’t want to grow up because he still shows her love and affection and a house to maintain while picking up the pieces her ex husband leaves their children in because they aren’t included in his new family.

The Dad is away a lot because of his job so the Mum constantly feels like she is the monster disciplinarian while he wants to keep the waters calm when he is home.

The son is existing. He seems to be upstaged by his sisters and their teenage angst.

Like I said, it is a familiar scene by many so the characters are easy to relate to, sometimes you want to slap them, other times you want to grab them and hug them tight! There will be many laughs, and OMG moments, and there will be tears. BUT, you will see a family working as a family, the bonds they have and the love they hold for each other. Enjoy.

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