183 Times a Year – Eva Jordan

Thank you to the lovely John at The Last Word Review for such a wonderful review of 183 Times A Year!

The Last Word Book Review

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183 Times a Year by Eva Jordan

The Last Word Review

The trials and tribulations of family life are all captured beautifully within the pages of 183 Times a Year the debut novel by Eva Jordan. Look closely at the title and you may wonder what lies beneath the title of the book, apparently it is the amount of times a teenage girl will argue with her mother. Now I don’t know if this is a scientifically proven fact but I am sure there are mums out there who will actually think it could well be higher than 183 times a year.

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Lizzie is a hard working mother, with a teenage daughter Cassie and a younger son Connor from her first marriage but now re-married her second husband has brought into the family fold his daughter Maisy, Connor seems to be the only child in the family who has a…

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