Book Bloggers – The Unsung Heroes Of The Book World


Once a month I write a column for a local lifestyle magazine called The Fens. As well as offering writing advice I’ve also had the pleasure of doing some great interviews with some amazing authors. However, this month I thought I’d chat with one of the many brilliant unsung heroes of the book world, namely Linda Hill – book blogger extraordinaire. Among other things, Linda – a prolific reader – writes book reviews, takes part in blog tours and regularly hosts author guest posts on her award-winning Book Blog, Linda’s Book Bag. And like many book bloggers, this is all done in her spare time for nothing more than the sheer love of books.

  1. Hi Linda, can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Hi Eva. I’m a passionate and eclectic reader (and a bit of a closet writer) who used to be an English teacher, inspector and educational consultant. I’m self-retired and love books and travel.

  1. Have you always enjoyed reading books and when did you first become a book blogger?

I was a late reader as my sight is so poor that I didn’t realise those squiggles on a page had meaning! Once I got glasses at 7 there was no stopping me and I still have my childhood Paddington books.

I began blogging three years ago when I decided life was too short to keep working and I wanted to share my love of books. Since then my blog has grown and I might even say has got out of hand!

  1. And finally, what advice would you offer anyone thinking of becoming a book blogger?

Learn to say ‘No’. There are only 24 hours in a day. It’s so tempting to accept every book you are offered for review and once you get known, the books keep arriving even if you’re not expecting them – I currently have over 900 physical books that have just turned up and I can’t get into my study.

Bloggers need to be very active on social media like Twitter and Facebook so that lots of readers see their blog posts.

I’d also say that authors never set out to write a bad book so be constructive and kind in reviews. A book that may not appeal to one person might be perfect for another reader.

I’d urge ALL readers to review on sites like Amazon and Goodreads, as well as a blog, as this is the only way many authors can get their books noticed.

And blog often!

8 thoughts on “Book Bloggers – The Unsung Heroes Of The Book World

  1. Since I became an indie author, I’ve appreciated every review on Amazon or anywhere else. I also have widened my reading scope through hearing about other authors and found quite a few books I’ve loved through bloggers like Linda. My own journey into the world of writing books is still pretty new, although I’ve published ten books; there’s always so much to learn! One thing I was completely ignorant about is how to sell them once I’d published them (and unprepared for, I have to say) and I suspect a lot of authors feel the same way. I’ve never as yet had a book of mine on a blog tour, have no idea how to go about it, but that doesn’t stop me appreciating all the hard work of the bloggers. So, thank you, Linda, and all bloggers, and thank you, Eva, for having Linda as your guest.

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